Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Two-Year Hiatus

Wow, it's been more than two years since I wrote anything here. I think this place needs an upgrade! With concerns about privacy and a huge lack of time, I haven't been doing much on this blog. I think I'll change that now. Now I finally have a little more time.

I have another blog about being a nursery school teacher, but there's plenty that's not really appropriate for that blog. And now that it's summer, we're doing all kinds of things everyday instead of spending the days in our separate schools.

Just as an update, my son just finished first grade and my daughter just finished kindergarten. It was a rough year for the kindergartener, so I'm glad it's over. My son discovered he hates school (he actually hates doing repetitive activities and being told what to do, which we already knew), so he's glad it's summer. He also chose not to do much in the way of organized activities.

Due to the weather this summer is short. I'm sad. Hopefully with very few organized activities all around we'll all get the chance to recuperate and be fresh for the next school year.

I'm back!

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