Friday, February 16, 2007

Did I say we were on the mend?

What a crock! Spencer has now been sick for two weeks. The latest is a really gross nose and fevers at night. Evie is perfectly healthy, but still on mega antibiotics for last week's ear infections. I've still got a runny nose and now Alan says he's feeling a bit ill. Will it ever end?

Having three days off from school this week due to the weather didn't really help. Spencer seemed to be feeling better yesterday so we went to the library to blow off some steam. We were there for an hour and a half (possibly a record) and I didn't have ONE SINGLE ARGUMENT from him. Over anything. He was so compliant and polite it was scary. After we got home his temperature got to 101 so now I know why. Sorry library, I didn't mean to share germs.

I would love to take the kids outside, but not only is it frigid, it's boring. It's just ice with a dusting of snow. It's really too sharp to sled and you can't build anything.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snow day

Today the schools were out so we made the best of it even though it's ice and not snow. We made gak in the morning, had a picnic lunch in the living room, gave Evie a bath to get the gak out of her hair, and did some coloring. Now cookies are in the oven just in case the power goes out later!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

On the mend

This week was spent with both kids sick and I had a sore throat. Spencer was on steroids (he calls it hyper juice) and Evie just felt yucky. We took Evie in to the doctor on Wednesday but she only had some fluid in her ears. Thursday night she had another fever . She was complaining that her neck hurt from the swollen lymph nodes. Friday morning I couldn't get her off the couch even once the drugs brought her fever back down. So, the doctor decided to call in a prescription so she wouldn't get exposed to more germs at the office. It must've been bacterial, because she felt tons better within about 8 hours.

Poor Spencer though. Yesterday he was so bored he decided to sharpen pencils to pass the time. That didn't last long. He's so hopped up he just can't control his energy level and Evie needed a lot of snuggling.

But now everyone is on the mend. Alan is back from his weeklong business trip so I'm not alone with the sickies. Hopefully we'll all get some sleep and feel back to normal soon.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Potty mouth

Overheard by everyone at McDonald's on Monday, as proclaimed by Spencer:

"Hey guys, if you need to go potty bring your coat. It's really COOOLLLD in there!"