Monday, May 14, 2007

Caught on tape

Today the kids built a little city out of a play mat, various vehicle toys, and Little People. They were both narrating their own stories and working together, so I decided to pull out the camera and shoot a little footage. They didn't even seem to notice me, they were so wrapped up in what they were doing. About a minute after I started there was yelling and punching (I didn't do any of it, I swear!). So, my great idea of saving their cooperativeness for the future was completely wrecked my their innate need to bug the heck out of each other.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

The perfect Mother's Day

Today was pretty much perfect. They let me sleep in a little, and when I came down I had to wait until they got in their places. (I was told that next time I should stay in bed until they get me.) When I walked into the kitchen there were streamers hanging over the door and they threw little balloons up into the air. There was a card, some "princess" flip flops, and some flowers to plant, and a NEW BIKE! Yeah! So exciting!

For the rest of the morning I worked in the garden. The kids were supposed to help me plants the flowers they bought and water the plants we've already put in, but Spencer went to play with the neighborhood kids and Evie didn't want to get her feet pricked by the pricker weeds, so she stayed inside while Alan watched the F1 race. Once we finally got ourselves together we went over to my mother-in-law's to help her hang a blind.

Spencer got a little upset and out of control, so instead of the kids hanging out with their grandparents for the rest of the afternoon we came home and Alan worked on fixing our phone line, which wasn't working for some reason. That took 2 hours. It turns out Spencer had eaten 2 bags of gummie type candy, which explains why he wouldn't eat real food and was behaving like a stinker.

My mother-in-law came over to hang out with the kids while we exchanged my bike for a smaller size, had dinner, and did the grocery shopping. I put Evie to bed and then took a bike ride while Alan put Spencer to bed.

It was a really great day. The best Mother's Day I've ever had.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Pretty plants

Today the kids planted the boxes they got for Easter from their grandmother. Evie had sunflower seeds and Spencer had tomatoes. The tomato seeds spilled after they were planted, so we may just be mowing them every week instead of watching them grow from their box. Evie was sad to hear that we'd have to move her sunflowers when they got too big, but 6 foot flowers just won't fit in the little 6 inch box that came with the kit.

Since we were on a roll we decided to plant our carrots and radishes, too. A friend had suggested we surround the carrots with radishes to deter rabbits. I guess the radish leaves are prickly or something. At any rate, that's what we'll try this year.

I'm also hoping to plan mini pumpkins once I get a trellis worked out. We also have zucchini seed (why?) as well as chives and lavender. I'm not really sure where to put all this stuff, especially since I have other gardening plans that I just don't have time for.

Oh, the strawberry plants the kids picked out a few weeks ago have now yielded three strawberries. These plants are pretty big, so I imagine we'll have to move them to a larger pot or the ground soon. I'm just not sure how they'll survive the winter.

The maple tree planter has some seedlings, but I have no idea if they are maple trees or weeds. I'm going to let them grow a little to find out. If we do get a bunch of trees I'm not really sure where we'll put them or what we'll do with them.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Paddling Pool

The kids and I managed to fill the little pool with some water for a brief time today. We didn't get lots of opportunity, and between Evie's fear of the pricky weeds in the grass and Spencer's hesitation to put on his swimsuit (this was all HIS idea, anyway!), it was quick. Then, off to Spencer's soccer game.