Friday, June 19, 2009

Garage Sale-ing

We stopped by a friend's house for their garage sale this morning. We intended to stay for just a few minutes so Evie could peruse the Polly Pockets for sale (thank goodness they were all gone) but the kids played for over two hours. My plan for the day was messed up, but the kids had a good time.

We even managed to hit the library in the afternoon. I was happy to find out the book that was absolutely due today and we couldn't find anywhere was already at the library. Someone else checked it out and it was taken off my account. That's the last time I return things at the Bookmobile--this was the second book returned there that didn't get checked in properly. I was about to charge Spencer for the book since we'd have to pay for it, so we all lucked out.

Off to pack for cub scout Mom and Me camp!

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