Thursday, July 02, 2009

Poor Cookie

Poor Cookie has an infection as a result of her spaying.  She’s staying at the vet today where she’ll get painkillers and antibiotics.  She was so sore the vet couldn’t properly examine her belly, so hopefully she’ll feel well enough (or drugged enough) that the vet can get a good look at her.

Since we are new dog owners we asked for advice from both the vet and the shelter.  Cookie was eating once a day (we put out food twice a day but she wouldn’t eat in the morning) plus treats, was drinking, eliminating, and sleeping ok.  She did seem a little tired and was walking stiffly, but everyone said as long as she was eating and peeing she was probably fine.  I still feel total guilt over this and wish I had known to take her in sooner.  She looked sad to me, but since I’m not really a dog person I didn’t feel qualified to say something more.

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